Founded in 2013, 4 CATS Pictures first feature-length animated film was Capture the Flag by Enrique Gato (2015), a co-production with Telecinco Cinema, Telefónica Studios, Ikiru Films and Lightbox Entertaiment. This was the third most successful film of the year in Spain in terms of box office takings, winning major awards such as the 2016 Goya for the Best Animated Film, el 2016 Premio Gaudí for the Best Animated Film and the 2016 Premio Platino for the Best Animated Film. The company’s second production, once again in association with Telecinco Cinema, Telefónica Studios, Ikiru Films and Lightbox Entertaiment, was Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas, the most successful film of the year in Spain.  Among other awards, he was awarded the 2018 Goya for the Best Animation Film, the 2018 Premio Gaudí for the Best Animation Film and the 2018 Premio Platinum for the Best Animation Film.

In 2018, 4 CATS Pictures produced with Ikiru Films the thriller “El Pacto” (David Victori), starring Belén Rueda and Dario Grandinetti and distributed by Sony Pictures. In 2020 released “Malasaña 32” (Alberto Pintó), co-produced with Atresmedia Cine, Bambú Producciones, Mr. Fields and Friends and Warner Bros. Spain, and also “El verano que vivimos” (Carlos Sedes), a story of love, friendship and betrayal starring Blanca Suárez,  Javier Rey and Pablo Molinero. The film is co-produced with Mr. Fields and Friends, Atresmedia Cinema, Warner Bros. Entertainment Spain, Bambú Producciones and La Claqueta.

In 2022, released “Live is life. La gran aventura” (Dani de la Torre), a youth comedy with a script by Albert Espinosa that 4 CATS co-produced with Atresmedia Cine and Live is life AIE. Distribution was handled by Warner Bros.

2023 is the year of “Mummies”, its next animated film, whose premiere is made worldwide, becoming the first Spanish film with the highest cinematographic distribution from a Hollywood studio. “Mummies” is an adventure family comedy. Animation was made at Core Animation studios and distributed by Warner Bros.

As new projects, 4 CATS Pictures is working on the development of its next animated film “Buffalo Kids”, a story inspired by the story “Cuerdas” by Pedro Solís.

Who is who?

We believe that moviemaking is a shared art, the sum of many talents.