Production Coordinator

Sofía Gea graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Rey Juan Carlos University in 2012. After working as a production intern on a series filmed in Argentine Patagonia for Canal Encuentro, the country’s public TV channel, she returned to Spain to pursue a course in audiovisual production at the Séptima Ars Film and Television School in Madrid.

In 2014 she took on another role as production intern and worked on her first feature film: La mano invisible (The Invisible Hand). Since then, she has worked in different production capacities on films such as La puerta abierta (2016; The Open Door), Cold Skin (2017), The State (2017), Señor dame paciencia (2017; Lord, Give me Patience), The Kill Team (2019), Dolor y gloria (2019; Pain and Glory), Si yo fuera rico (2019; If I Were Rich) and The Line Walker 2 (2019).

In television, she worked as a production assistant on programmes such as Mexican telenovela La jefa del campeón (Heart of a Champion) for Televisa (2018), and Chinese reality show My best player for QQ (2018).

In 2018 she supervised the work placements for first and second-year students studying for a degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts at TAI University School of Art in Madrid.

Sofía joined the production department of 4 CATS PICTURES in 2019.