El pacto

One morning, Clara (Mireia Oriol), the teenage daughter of Mónica (Belén Rueda) vanishes in strange circumstances. Hours later, she is found unconscious, alive, but with death inescapable.

Mónica refuses to accept the irretrievable loss of her child, and, driven to desperation, takes part in a dark ritual in which a mysterious man offers her a pact to save Clara’s life. The next day, inexplicably, Clara comes back to life. Mónica’s journey to hell has begun.

Release Data

August 17th, 2018

Production Companies

4 Cats Pictures, Sony Pictures International Productions, Ikiru Films y El Pacto La Película AIE


Sony Pictures Enterteiment Iberia


David Victori


César Vallejo y David Victori


Belén Rueda, Darío Grandinetti, Mireia Oriol