In Egypt, a 3,000-year-old city of mummies lies deep within the earth, remotely hidden from the world.
By imperial mandate, the young and outspoken Princess Nefer has to marry Thut, an arrogant former charioteer. The ruling couldn’t be further from their wishes as Nefer craves freedom from the constraints of her royal family and Thut, the city’s most eligible bachelor, is allergic to commitment. But the gods’ wishes are inescapable, and Thut will have to marry Nefer in just seven days. The Pharaoh entrusts the ancient, beautiful wedding ring to Thut, asking him to keep the heirloom in his possession until the wedding or face severe consequences should he lose it.
Meanwhile, on the surface of the earth, Lord Silvester Carnaby carries out an archaeological expedition in which, for the first time, he discovers something of great historical significance: an Egyptian tomb which contains a stunning wedding ring.
He knows this is his opportunity to make his dreams come true and go down in history as a celebrated and renowned archaeologist. He immediately returns to London with his prized possession to make this the centrepiece of his new exhibition.
However, it is beyond his wildest dreams to imagine this ring might already have an owner who might coming looking for it…
Back in the hidden city, when Thut finds out the ring has been stolen, he has no choice but to travel to the human world and infiltrate present-day London or risk facing the wrath of the Pharaoh.
He is accompanied by his younger brother Sekhem, an eight-year-old boy who desires to reclaim Thut’s former racing hero status; and Croc, a baby crocodile and Sekhem’s pet; as well as Nefer, who takes the opportunity to flee the impending marriage and pursue her dreams.
Together, the three mummies must navigate modern-day London to find and bring back the ring that Lord Carnaby has stolen, but Nefer and Thut will have to learn to work together in order for their mission to work.



Production Companies

4 Cats Pictures, Anangu Grup, Moomios Movie AIE


Warner Bros


Juan Jesús García Galocha “Galo”


Jordi Gasull y Javier López Barreira

Voices (English version)

Ana Esther Alborg (Nefer), Óscar Barberán (Thut) Jaume Solá (Sekhem) Juan Carlos Gustems (Faraón)


Fernando Velázquez


88 minutes


Animation. Family comedy. Adventure