Head of Development

Inma Cánovas has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Navarra’s Institute of Liberal Arts, where she also completed a Master’s Degree in Audio-Visual Communication. She completed her studies at the UCLA Extension Screenwriting Program. She began her professional careers as a story analyst at production companies such as Sogetel, Esicma and LolaFilms. She works at Boca a Boca on the writing of various episodes of the Al Salir de Clase TV series, as well as teaching classes on scriptwriting at the School of Visual Arts in Madrid. In 2003 she sold a feature-length musical project that she co-wrote to Columbia Pictures España. 2007 saw the release of Eduard Bosch’s Ángeles S.A. which she co-wrote with Lillian González, produced by Multipark and Antena 3. Since 2015 she has worked for 4 CATS PICTURES in the film development department.